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AI Filter Workshop with Zach Pacheco!

By Jo Chu

We co-hosted a workshop with USF's Design Collectives featuring recent USF grad and GC alumni Zach Pacheco. This was the first ever workshop in collaboration with the Design Collectives, which we hope to do more of especially in this remote-zoom-world we are living in at the moment. Zach is a multidisciplinary designer, who's work you can see at

Zach walks us through the basics of creating an AI Filter through Spark AR. Here are some examples of filters students have created after attending our workshop!

An up-side to Zoom University for us has been the increased potential for networking and collaborating. (Ironic right?) We have the opportunity to host events and meet with and interact with designers and educators from different cities, across time zones, all around the world! We can argue that is is much easier to organize an event over virtual Zoom space, despite the slow internet connections speeds and power outages from time-to-time! This was such a great experience and we thank everyone who was able to help out and attend.

Let's stay connected!

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