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Design Trend Report January 2019

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

By Natalie Morris

1. Isometric Illustration

Thyssen Aperitifs by Ana Galvañ

Headquarter by Loris F. Alessandria

Casinomiljarderna by Jonas Mosesson

2. Gradients and Two-Tones

New Stand by Verdes NYC

Revista Animal 24 — 27 by Sociedad Anónima

3. Big, Bold Wide Fonts

Druk Wide Heavy on Van Holtz Co.

Solapa by Alessia Sistori and Design Studio B.O.B.

Théâtre des Bouffes Du Nord 18-19 by Violaine & Jeremy

4. 3D and Rendered Shapes

Insane - A word, a week by Not Real

Radical Everything by Vincent Schwenk

Summer Update by Peter Tarka

5. Flat Colors and Simple Geometric Lineart

Things that make your life easier by Linn Fritz

Marketing by Linn Fritz


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