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Inspiration Roundup #1 2018

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

By Sarah Hamilton

1. Swissted (

Graphic designer Mike Joyce explores his love of punk rock and Swiss Modernism with International Typographic Style posters. Prints can be purchased at the official Swissted shop in New York City.

2. Anxy Mag (

A few of us in the GC were introduced to Anxy Mag by a guest speaker, Livia Foldes, who does design and art direction for this beautiful magazine.

3. New York Times Behind the Cover (

The New York Times Magazine makes awesome videos featuring design director Gail Bichler and Editor in Chief Jake Silverstein talking about the process and decisions behind the weekly cover.

4. Martin Venezky (

A few of us were introduced to San Francisco-based graphic designer Martin Venezky through our typography class. We love how Venezky mixes physical and digital methods to make engaging and unexpected compositions.

5. Jason Sturgill (

Jason Sturgill is a Portland-based artist and designer who creates characters that can be hilarious, adorable, thought-provoking, or all three. Bonus points for the cute cat!

6. Jessica Hische (

Jessica Hische is a type designer and letterer (can't believe that's a real word) who is best know for her 'Daily Drop Cap' project. She's basically the queen of lettering and her color schemes are absolutely killer.

7. Built by Civilization (

Civilization is a Seattle-based design practice that specializes in branding, UX design, and creating immersive experiences and exhibitions. Their clients include SF MoMA, Dropbox, Microsoft, AIGA, and many more.

8. Rafaël Rozendaal (

Rafaël Rozendaal creates graphic websites with bright colors and engaging interactions. He translates the media to the physical world with exhibitions and projections, including this project he did with Ford.


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